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A Guide to Unlocking the Power Within

New Book Combines Ancient Practices with Latest Science

Grow A New Body: How SPIRIT and Power Plant NUTRIENTS Can Transform Your Health, by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., provides advice on how shamanic practices, cutting-edge science, detox strategies and power-plant foods can activate our cells’ ability to regenerate and repair. The book, available beginning March 12, includes a foreword by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

       “We all started out from an egg and a sperm that met and fused in an environment conducive to development,” says Villoldo of the foundation for his program. “As cells quickly divided, multiplied and differentiated into specific types of cells, they followed careful biological instructions that are stored deep within our DNA. Our fully developed bodies can access and switch on those same coded instructions—but first, we need to prepare the environment.”

       Villoldo, who formerly directed the Biological Self-Regulation Lab as a clinical professor at San Francisco State University, has studied the healing practices of Amazon and Andean shamans for 25 years. He previously co-authored A Shaman’s Miraculous Tools for Healing with Anne E. O’Neill, and has also written several other books.

For more information including pre-ordering the book, visit or Also available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others.



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