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Chronic Disease Breakthrough

Bedridden and in excruciating pain for nearly a decade, Jeanette Orona bravely battled the gram-negative bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi that causes chronic Lyme disease. She’s not alone. Renowned chronic disease researcher Dr. Judy Mikovits stated that between 5 to 10 million cases of Lyme disease exist and there are one million new cases each year.

      The CDC explains chronic disease as, “…conditions that last one year or more and require ongoing medical attention or limit activities of daily living or both.” It represents $3.3 trillion in annual health care costs. The National Institutes of Health states Gram-negative bacteria is, “…now resistant to many, most, or all available treatments resulting in increased illness and death from bacterial infections.”

      Orona’s journey led her to a Native American elder’s wellness center. “There, I was introduced to non-psychotropic MyShroom, non-psychotropic cannabis and Lumigence personalized bioelectric frequency healing,” she says. “Within two months, I went from bedridden to driving my car.” While she cannot state that she is “cured,” she can say that she is “symptom-free.”

      In 2018, Orona traded “warrior” for “conqueror” of chronic Lyme disease. She founded as a resource for people living with chronic disease. Her weekly Q&A calls feature mycology experts and how mushroom chemistry kills Gram-negative bacteria; cannabis experts and the endocannabinoid system’s role in mammalian homeostasis; and frequency experts including physicists and engineers who can explain ATP and bioelectric fields.

      Science and cooking also collide on Wellness4Lyme’s Q&A calls. “Culinary delights include supercharged smoothies that provide 30 percent more oxygen uptake,” says Orona, who ensures that the nutritious recipes shared on the calls are so delicious that even children love to eat them.

For more information, call 619-403-1485 or visit Wellness




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