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Karate and Self-Defense Training Exclusively for Women

Debbie Love, founder of Heads Up! Self Defense in Solana Beach, did not come to be a self-defense instructor out of sheer interest. “It was out of necessity; I was compelled to learn everything I could about the subject,” says this passionate self-defense instructor whose close cousin Julie Love, nearly identical in age and appearance, was the victim of a violent crime in Atlanta many years ago, which was the subject of headline news. “It took a year for Julie’s remains to be found after her disappearance. Once the facts came out of what happened to Julie, it was clear she lost her life because of one mistake—she ran out of gas. Even though it happened in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Atlanta, it was a fatal mistake.”

      Love’s mission is to equip as many women as possible with the skills required to protect themselves against assault and rape. “Heads Up! is the first to tackle the subject of casual or acquaintance sexual assault. We teach girls what it is, what it looks like and how to stop it,” she affirms. “We have developed ways for girls and women to neutralize these encounters and stop this behavior in its tracks and at the same time send a powerful message to the other person that says, ‘never again.’ Every young woman heading into college should seek me out about campus safety."

      The cost for the classes is $150 a month, which includes three 90-minute classes per week plus free admission to any self-defense classes held at the dojo/studio. 

For more information, call 760-455-8562 or visit



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