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Letter from The Publisher

Elaine Russo

Elaine Russo

Women’s Wellness surrounds me, as does women’s empowerment.

        Our May issue is devoted to women—all kinds of amazing mothers, aunts, nieces, sisters, wives, friends, and of course, our Mother Earth.

        I’m in gratitude for the women networks I belong to and help sponsor. I wish I had time to be in more of them. I always leave with a feeling of empowerment, vulnerability and a compelling reason to strive to be a better person and help create a healthier, happier environment. It’s difficult to stand up and tell your truth. However, it’s the truth that brings us peace and is often the impetus for much-needed change.

        It’s time for us all to remove those emotional elephants that stampede our hearts and homes and make room for healthy transitions. We may get run over some in the process, but we shall prevail. After all, they’re just emotional elephant stampedes and we all know that shedding tears can be very healing. Releasing that which no longer serves us is truly a gift. Did you know elephants cry?

        In my past, I’ve often been told to “suck it up.” Well, I tell you what, that term should be relegated only to vacuum cleaners—not in dealing with human emotions. We must be able to empty the bag somewhere, sometime. Otherwise it gets buried under the rug and creates further strife down the line.

        What comes to my mind is our new understanding of the feminine and the masculine. (More on the masculine side in our upcoming June’s men's wellness issue.) Outside of my women networks and friends, I surround myself with healthy men friends who respect, recognize and truly honor the feminine power. As mentioned in the article "Healing the Hard Stuff" (see page 18), this pertains to the shift in thinking. I don’t really believe men are from Mars (although, I do feel as I have known some men Martians in my time) and women are from Venus. Yes, we may think differently because we are people and there are undoubtedly gender differences, but it’s not always gender related.

        A giant paradigm shift is happening. Those who choose not to see it or engage in it, you’re missing out. We have choices and I’m ever so happy to deliver these choices to my readership. I’ve been self-diagnosing and healing myself with the knowledge and strength I receive from my loyal and faithful community partners. I believe in both Eastern and Western medicine as I do in both women and men. They are all needed for a healthy existence. Natural open-minded approaches resolve major illnesses and relationships. There is no one right answer or tactic. There is just us humans trying to survive in a rapidly changing and challenging times.

        Check in with your vulnerability, your truth and all the natural ways to heal and prevent illness. Whether you choose acupuncture, Rolfing, drinking alkaline water, Ayurvedic nutrition, or a combination of those and many other healing modalities, there is a giant list of remedies for us all.

        I thank you, empowered women, for being forthright and feminine without burning bras and or bridges.



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