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Science Proves H2 Hydrogen-Rich Water’s Health Benefits

Those interested in learning more about disease prevention, anti-aging, better athletic performance and proven superior hydration will want to learn more about H2 Hydrogen-Rich Water. The gist of the lengthy proof, collected from more than 1,000 pages of medical research, is this: “Molecular hydrogen (H2), unlike other antioxidants, truly crosses into the center of cells (the energy tank) to remove toxins and protect the body from daily free radical damage.”

        For the top 100 hospitals in Japan who have been using H2 Hydrogen-Rich Water since the '60s for their patients, this is nothing new. This H2 water was approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health—a team of 6,500 doctors—for its ability to reduce inflammation, flood the body with antioxidants, and its capacity to bring the body "back into balance" so it can protect against further free radical damage.

        The process of ionization was originally created by Russian scientist in the 1940s studying long-lived populations in the Himalayas and then later perfected by the Japanese. The method for producing hydrogen rich water is created by water flowing over titanium plates which imparts a charge—similar to the charge carried by streams and rivers—with the end product creating millions of antioxidant-free hydrogen with documented health benefits.

For your free two-week sample, bring your water for testing to 317 S. Hwy. 101, Solana Beach. Open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday by appt. For more information, call 619-540-7620 or visit or



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