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CBD for You and for Me

CBD, CBD, CBD! Everywhere you turn CBD is the hottest new buzzword—and for good reason. While our San Diego edition has been publishing articles on cannabis and CBD for quite some time, Natural Awakenings on a national level is now following suit. Many more publishers are creating plant medicine sections in their publications and spreading the news about the many benefits of this amazing plant.

I am bold, ridden with an entrepreneurial nature, live in San Diego and consume, represent and consult for CBD products.

The amount of people benefiting from the natural health rewards of this magical plant are staggering. People don’t have to stagger to feel good, and neither do pets.

Our Natural Pet article articulates what I have witnessed and heard over and over—plant medicine helps pets' ailments improve, too.  Pet relief means owners relief. Plain and simple.

Actions speak louder than words. The pet results cannot be skewed. They are what they are. I have witnessed so many testimonies and real life experiences from dog owners administering pet tinctures. Dogs can now sleep and experience real relief from surgery and pain. Dogs with anxiety can now relax and so can their owners. Education is key to understanding how and when to use CBD for pets, and pet owners are fine to do it themselves. Dosing is important. When using organic plant medicine, it's just like getting used to any medicine—you must try it and get the dosage correct to achieve your best results. Dive into our national natural pet article this month and get some CBD for your pet!

Do your homework, check out the ads and articles in this month’s issue and educate yourself on the wonderful variety of options available in our area. Whether you reach out to me via my contact information at the front of the magazine, or one of our many amazing advertisers, you’ll be in good hands when it comes to CBD education, products and services.



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