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Creativity for Self-Discovery Generates as an Inner Dialogue Which Leads to Insights and Emotional Growth











Read what Red found out about herself talking to the Wolf

Draw two fairy tale characters. 

Character#1: Little Red Riding Hood

Age: 18   Sex: Female

Personality: Shy, scared, negative.

Character#2: Big Bad Wolf.

Age: 39   Sex: Female

Personality: Fierce, brave, smart.

What are they saying?

  • #2 – Give me your basket!
  • #1 – No- It’s for my sick friend.
  • #2 – What’s in the basket?
  • #1 – Chicken, biscuits and apple pie.
  • #2 – I like it. Now give it to me!
  • #1 – No! It’s to make my friend feel better.
  • #2 – I don’t care about your friend. I am hungry. Give it to me!
  • #1 – Please go away.
  • #2 – Not until you give me that basket.
  • #1 – How about I give you a ¼ of what’s in my basket?
  • #2 – No,  I want half! Or all.
  • #1 – Ok, Ok, Ok, here is half.
  • #2 – Good!

Before? #2 was hiding in the bushes waiting. #1 was taking a shortcut to her friend’s house to feed her sick friend.

After? #2 Grabbed the basket and ran to a nearby hole and ate everything in the basket. #1 was shocked at first, then, she became sad. She continued on the path crying all the way.

Title of the story: The Story of Greed

Conflicts between themselves: The lack of compromise from the wolf. Little Red Riding Hood compromised too much.

Conflicts between them and the world: There is greed all around them. Everyone wants more. More Money- More Food- More Elaborate material possessions. Greed stomps out the good in their heart.

What changes should they make to resolve conflicts?

Be happy for what you have in life, not what you want.

Which character do you identify with: Both. I have greed in my mind like the wolf and compromise in my heart like little Red Riding Hood.

How does this pertain to you? I am greedy when it comes to love and sex. I compromise everything for everyone.

What changes should you make? Grow a "mean" bone in my body and stop pleasing everyone and start being greedy toward myself.

Present a similar incident: My mom + husband always want more time with me. I give them all my time. I never take time for myself. When I ask for time for myself, I have to compromise for it—give them what they want so I can get what I want—Time!

How do you relate with others, and how do you get yourself in trouble? I am always looking to be loved without having to compromise for it. I also want to feel respected and appreciated without guilt.

What changes are you willing to make? Stand up! Just say, “Enough is enough!” “Get your own damn pills!” “Wash your own damn dishes!”

Albert Levis, M.D., is the co-founder of the Museum of the Creative Process. For more information, visit



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