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Natural Awakenings Magazine Franchise

I just got back from my first ever trip to the wonderful city of Seattle. I went to visit one of my oldest best friends, and wouldn’t you know, during our first stop at Pike Place Market, I came across a Natural Awakenings magazine.
       The younger ones in our group thought it was a big deal because not only did I own a Natural Awakenings, but I was featured in the Seattle edition as well. My initial thought was, “Isn’t that cute? They think it’s a big deal!”

       As I watched my lifelong friend’s daughter carry the magazine around, I thought how amazing it really was that Natural Awakenings had made its way from coast to coast. I love knowing that in so many places I travel to, there’s someone in the Natural Awakenings family helping that community create more health and wellness. It’s a great feeling!

       In last month’s issue, I made it very clear that I’m selling my publication. I’m manifesting the opportunity to pass the magical baton onto the next passionate person with the purpose to expand not only the market place but the knowledge, too. A new game-changer will bring new positive changes. I can’t see it happening any other way.

       Even though I want to shift my role as publisher, I’ve got nothing but love for this family of magazines. Being a publisher of Natural Awakenings is a rewarding business that just keeps on giving. 

       I believe Natural Awakenings is the most informative and authentic heathy living magazine around. The publishers, co-publishers, advertisers, distributors, writers, editors, readers—basically everyone in this overall organic network of people—are the creme de la creme.

       Being a publisher not only changed my life, it saved my life in many ways. If being a publisher resonates with you, reach out. I’d love to share more about the business and help you discover whether it’s a good fit for you too!



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