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Letter from Publisher

Pink Scooter parked next to friend’s RV “Blue
Lounge” in honor of youthful aging.

Pink Scooter parked next to friend’s RV “Blue Lounge” in honor of youthful aging.

I met my 22-year-old daughter, my baby, out for dinner last night. It’s always such a delight to be around her youthful energy and hear about all the interesting events going on in her life. I truly cherish the time we get to spend together—it’s priceless! She commented that she thought I was getting younger with age. It probably has something to do with my riding waves and now, riding my pink scooter. I do what I can to stay young and that includes spending time with people that bring me joy, often laughing so hard until my stomach aches. The truth is, even with the increased muscular recovery time, each new sport I discover, and new wrinkles and gray hairs cropping up, I do feel younger with age. It really is just a mindset. Our dinner conversation was so appropriate with this month’s theme of ageless being. We are all aging and ageless. What is most important is the way we treat ourselves and relate to others as we maneuver through our lives. I think we should all focus on who we are and not how old we are and do whatever we can to remain fearless and confident about our life choices. Abraham Lincoln said so proactively: “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

As I read through the article Choose Happiness and Ageless Being, I related even further.

I find the simpler my life becomes, the happier I am. Simple to me is getting smaller in my eco footprint while growing larger spiritually. I am now involved with the tiny home movement for this very reason. Commiseration and downsizing is becoming inevitable with national disasters relocating people from their homes, increased businesses being operated from their homes, families and friends cohabitation, and property rentals on the rise.

Thankfully, yoga is becoming mainstream. If we called it stretching in lieu of yoga the debate as to whether to include yoga in our school curriculum would not have existed. Hemp and medical marijuana are now being recognized for their medicinal purposes. Judge not by age or stigma that a name carries but by results—healthy is healthy, no matter what.

My bucket list is full to the brim. It doesn’t matter if I get the list completed. What does matter is that I’m doing what’s on my list and letting go of the items that I was taught to do from ingrained false obligation. We get to an age where we just know what to do.

Age gracefully, share wisdom wisely and grow younger in spirit with each birthday.

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This month I am sharing our Denver publisher’s letter with you as her words and heart resonate with me.

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