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Modern Shamanism with Linda White

Back in the 1980s, if you would have asked Linda White what she thought about shamanism, she would have said, “I don’t believe in that.” Yet, from her journey to become a healer and life teacher, she has become what she calls a “modern shaman”. “A shaman is another word for healer and counselor,” she explains. “Their job is to restore you to a state of balance and wholeness physically, emotionally and spiritually and to teach you to live, relate and create in unity and balance with yourself, others and the creative energy of Life.”

White’s journey began in the late 1980s as a spiritual practitioner. “I was learning my true nature and life principles for co-creating in partnership with Life/God. Years later, I began to notice that as powerful as these principles were, there were gaps in the wisdom to fully transform ingrained patterns, heal the body and live from higher consciousness. When I couldn’t find these answers, I asked the Divine to show me. I began to learn what I later was told were shamanic healing techniques such as soul retrieval, medicine wheel, shamanic singing and other forms of Energy Handsenergy clearing and healing— the most powerful being the ability to take people to directly experience their Divine Higher Self, along with the Emotional Wisdom to sustain this higher consciousness and heal the unconscious conditioning that is a primary reason people struggle with feelings and many health issues don’t heal.

White merged these powerful healing skills and wisdom so that she could help others “more fully heal why old feelings and judgments keep cropping up and why they still get triggered and drained by people and circumstances.” This process includes teaching her clients how to apply, to daily life, the wisdom and energy tools to sustain higher consciousness and develop new patterns that produce lasting emotional, health and life changes. “Instead of telling someone to own their power, stop judging, love and accept themselves, let go and trust, be confident and believe all is possible, etc., I show them how to do it!” she says.

“This is important because after an emotional release and expansion of consciousness, many people still have old judgments, limiting feelings and physical symptoms return,” explains White. “Not knowing how to apply the emotional wisdom to heal these attachments, they revert to old coping patterns that constrict the flow of energy in their bodies and they lose the sense of oneness, trust, peace, confidence and physical well-being they’ve just experienced.”

Linda White can be reached at 619-582-5505 or by visiting

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