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Sound Healing and Vibrational Medicine in Solana Beach

Life-long musician Marc Malin, bodyworker, sound healer and founder of Sound Touch Therapy in Solana Beach, believes that sound is the future of medicine. “Our first introduction to the world is through sound. Science is now very aware of the power of sound to improve our health and well-being. We’re already expanding beyond ultrasound in medicine. For instance, we can use harmonic sounds to soothe the nervous system. We use dissonant sounds to break up scar tissue and adhesions,” says Malin, who shares that sound healing could also be considered vibrational medicine. “We are all vibrational beings. Every one of our cells is affected by vibration. When we say we are resonating with a particular sound, we are actually resonating with the vibration of those sounds.”

Malin, a true modern Renaissance man, appreciates how sound healing is a perfect blend of art, science and natural healing. Fifteen years ago, while attending massage school in Massachusetts, he had to give a presentation on another modality. “I chose to focus on sound healing because I already knew how transcendent music and positive sounds could be. I went to lots of concerts in my life and I saw how music was able to transform an entire stadium,” he shares. “Sound healing is one of those things that is both cutting edge and ancient. We’ve been using toning, chanting and prayer in healing for thousands of years. Mystics tuned into this universe thousands of years ago without even realizing it. Now we get the opportunity to study the healing effects with modern technology.”

Sound Touch combines various forms of medical, sports and relaxation massage therapy with intention, sound and tone to restore, soothe and heal. “This therapy is an effective protocol for relieving stress, encouraging a good night’s sleep, and for dealing with chronic aches and pains, sport and injury recovery,” says Malin, who uses various sound healing tools in his sessions, including tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes, gongs and other instruments. He also relies heavily on his intuition. “When I tune into the person I’m working with, our time together turns into a co-creative improvisational healing piece. It’s beautiful,” he says. One of the most important aspects is setting the intention for the session. “We use that as a springboard for what we’d like to see happen.”

As a bodyworker, Malin knows that emotions and trauma get stored in the body. “The massage addresses the physical issues while the sound takes you out of your body and gets you more in tune with your auric field where healing can occur,” says this practitioner who notes that he doesn’t like to coin himself a “healer”. “I’m really a facilitator—a guide, if you will. What I do with Sound Touch is help you address your body, mind and spirit. Everybody is on their own journey. Once you’ve resolved a core issue, your wise body and mind heals itself. This is true energy work.”

Malin adds that in our fast-paced contemporary society, it’s easy for people to get out of sync with themselves. “Sound healing can help you tune back into the rhythm of your natural, healthy self.”

Sound Touch is located in Global Heart Sanctuary, 731 South Hwy. 101, in Solana Beach. Call 619-713-6519 or visit

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