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Crystal Bed Healing Restores & Reconnects

Colleen Patrice, MA, Spiritual Psychology, has dedicated her life to The Healing Arts. She is an author, coach, energy healer, spiritual guide and a longtime facilitator of wild dolphin swim encounters in The Bahamas. Last year, she traveled to Brazil to visit the renowned Brazilian healer known as John of God. As a result of Patrice’s life-transforming journey, she was given permission to bring a Crystal Light Healing Bed to her home town of Encinitas.

The Crystal Bed—developed and utilized by John of God—is a virtually unknown, yet truly extraordinary modality for facilitating deep states of rejuvenation. Patrice says, “The huge bonus with this particular modality is that you don’t have to do anything…except rest dreamily on a massage table under seven specialized Vogel Cut Quartz Crystals, soaking in their power of rejuvenation, while simultaneously immersed in color, light and sound.”

“The Crystal Bed cleanses, clears and balances the chakras, while enabling a deep and profound state of relaxation, opening the free-flowing connection to Spirit,” explains Patrice. “Deeply calming, healing and restorative, Crystal Bed Healing is an inherently fantastic tool to gain clarity, insight and a brand new perspective.”

Patrice reminds us that relaxation is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. “Making the time for relaxation is key to health and happiness. How about a noontime siesta on the Crystal Bed today?”

For more information, email or visit Mention Natural Awakenings and receive 40 percent off your first session.


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