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Natural Awakenings San Diego

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Small Business Network
P.O. Box 119
Sedona, AZ 86339

People have lost all sense of job security, where a vast majority of jobs are predicted to go the way of AI, robots, online ordering, VR, outsourcing to China... and those not "axed" must then do the work of two, three or more people, for probably less than what they made before.

Not to mention "full-time" now sometimes dropping back to non-livable 30 hours a week, and people needing two or more jobs to make ends meet, pay off debt, etc., etc.

Today the world belongs to the Entrepreneur!

We're all required to work for no one but ourselves... and our clients!!!

In this global economy, where people are more fragmented, distanced, skeptical, fearful, scattered... it's more important than ever before to develop strong alliances, work together with people like you who truly want to do good for the people you serve, making a difference in their lives, giving them genuine value, treating them with the respect, honor, appreciation and grace they - AND YOU - deserve...

If you're nodding and agreeing, you for sure want to LEAD your own Small Business Network CHAPTER...

See and join us (at least as a Basic Member!)

How much can you see one referral from someone your ideal clients trust be worth to you? 100 times your small cost to join? 1,000?

Do it now!