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Natural Awakenings San Diego

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Dance of the Soul Transformation Center & Wild Voices Talk

2774 Jefferson Street
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Dance of the Soul Transformation Center™ was created to provide an eclectic approach. Many different modalities are used in sessions that support self-discovery, transformation and coaching. All are based on the fundamentals of science and take into account the whole person. As conscious individuals we are not only cognitive or biological we are all of these and more. Leave the past behind and see how you can change your life with your mind and your body!

Taking an integrated approach is what Dance of the Soul Transformation Center™ is all about. This allows for gentle stretching in safety and provides the container for REAL transformation to occur.

Hypnotherapy is not what you think. It is a versatile tool that supports your exploration of the body-mind and soul. Hypnotherapy allows you to look deeper into life situations and eases life transitions. It is a way to discover parts of yourself and inner wisdom that you did not know you had. It provides access to a 360 degree view of your experiences. This gives an inner strength that supports what Chiara terms as your Inner Core™. Chiara likens Inner Core™ work to Dancing with your Soul. It illuminates who you truly are. It allows you to learn not just the steps in the dance of life but how to move rhythmically and cyclically in harmony with your life's purpose. It is an excellent tool for stretching the mind and navigating today's stressful reality!

It also gives you the possibility to experience creative alchemical changes through your own self-discovery. Using Past Life Regression and even Progression (moving into the future) is one such method. It is an excellent tool to exercise your right brain, bring new awareness and a sprinkle of creativity! Chiara has worked with actors and singers alike unleashing their creative flairs.

Hypnotherapy really is a versatile tool to explore what it means to be a conscious human! Humans are able to travel forward and back in time through their mental experiences. It's that gift of the 360 degree view.

Are you ready?

Wild Voices Talk™

Animals share themselves with humans in so many ways. You feel it and know it. Life without them is always less joyful! They are able to open channels of heart-centered understanding in ways other humans cannot. Sometimes the communication between animals and humans is not well defined. The behavioral techniques are not enough to speak to animals. It provides one type of communicative language. But it's not the only one. Often animals require a different type of connectivity, most especially those that have been through trauma. What if you could know more about your animal's life? About their mind and how they feel? Chiara gives a voice to the voiceless. She brings the internal realities of animals to life through her Nervous System to Nervous System (N2N) Connectivity™ process. She is unique and mixes science and intuition. She calls it a boundless science. A science that includes doing, being and has a method.

Wild Voices Talk™ and Chiara are about you and your animals. Chiara provides unique services that bring a richness of connectivity between animals and their human counterparts. She provides a new perspective on animal minds, emotions and trauma with a view to supporting animals through their journeys with their humans. It is a Nervous System to Nervous System (N2N) Connectivity™.

​She creates the space for animals to find their voices in a human world. She creates a communicative meeting place between their consciousness and yours.