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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Living in Pure Divine Love 2 day workshop

Learn how to let love rule, clear Akashic records, connect with nature, fly with angels, learn from ascended masters, sit in the medicine wheel and expand into higher dimensions.

Starting Saturday morning step into your highest self and connect deeply into who and what you are. Over the next 48 hours turn off your cellphone and step out of 3-D world and into one’s own heart. Your guides, Rachel O and Cindy H will guide you through song, meditation and energy healing for you to purify yourself from what you no longer need to carry. This weekend retreat is about you letting go of old ways, fears, implants, anxiety and things you thought you had no control over. Days prior to your arrival the process will begin with Cindy clearing contracts, spells, bindings and entities that no longer serve your higher purpose. If a cord or implant is meant to stay, then Creator will not remove it, if an implant is draining you or leading you down the wrong direction, the Source of All will remove it. All is done with love on the highest level of consciousness.

This retreat is meant to inspire the pure love that exists within you, sometimes we become disconnected from ourselves, others and the world around us. Take a weekend to feel nature again, to be in a calm peaceful state without social media or any kind of judgement. This is a personal journey, with a small group to connect into yourself and find your gifts and how to use them. This time is about you- your healing, your connection, your ability to let go of pain, drama, fear and anything that is holding you back. Learn how to find a balance within and stay in your own personal alignment. Everything flows your way when you are pure, true to yourself.

Two day event, all food and beverage included.  Transportation, Room and board not included. Free parking

Sorry no pets due to bears and other animals.

Date & Time

June 4, 2022

9:00AM - 6:00PM


Healing Hearts Sanctuary 9358 Quercus Lane Forest Falls 92339 CA US

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