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Jeffry S. Kerbs, DDS

Offers a Wealth of Services at his Escondido Practice

Escondido-based holistic dentist, Dr. Jeffry Kerbs, is aware that many people don’t like visiting the dentist. “Lots of people have an unpleasant association with going to the dentist that often goes back to childhood,” explains Dr. Kerbs.  “I hear about people’s fear of the dentist all of the time.”  That’s why he and his team go the extra mile to ensure that his patients feel like they’re visiting a spa more than a dentist’s office.

So, just how did Dr. Kerbs get into spa/holistic dentistry? “It’s been an evolutionary process,” he says.  “Patients naturally want their experience to be a good one.”  Noise cancelling headphones were first introduced at his practice. “The headphones were relaxing and cancelled out all unpleasant noises,” he says.  His patients raved about them.  

Since then, he and his team have brainstormed ways to make a visit to his office even more pleasurable.  “Warm blankets came next, followed by massage chairs, paraffin hand wax, warm neck wraps, and aromatherapy,” says Dr. Kerbs.  Over the years, an ordinary trip to the dentist has been transformed into a full sensory experience his patients love.  Sedation dentistry is offered at no additional charge, if needed.

Holistic Treatments

Once his patients are completely comfortable, they’re treated to minimally invasive treatments using only state-of- the-art equipment.  For instance, Dr. Kerbs offers both laser and ozone therapy for a variety of reasons, including cleaning up damaged or diseased gum tissue. “Both treatments are non-toxic, have no side effects, and the treated areas heal up quite nicely,” asserts Dr. Kerbs.

And speaking of non-toxic, Dr. Kerbs’ dental practice has been mercury-free since 1989 and he specializes in the safe removal of old silver amalgam fillings.  “Since most of the mercury exposure comes during the placement or removal of a filling, we use numerous precautions to ensure minimal exposure,” says Dr. Kerbs.  This includes isolating the teeth with a silicone dam, high speed suction to remove vapors, an oxygen mask to prevent inhalation of mercury vapors, and filtering the air in the room to protect the patient, team and himself.

Sleep Apnea Therapy

Dr. Jeffry Kerbs Holistic DentistOne of the areas of his practice that Dr. Kerbs is most passionate about is in the realm of sleep apnea therapy.  “When I realized what a huge health risk sleep apnea is to people, I knew I needed to be involved,” he says.  To help his patients overcome sleep apnea, Dr. Kerbs’ office features the highest tech equipment on the market.  “The equipment uses sonar, which maps the airway,” he says.  “Once the airway is mapped, the guess work is removed from the construction of an oral device that the patient wears at night to help them get a better night’s sleep.”

Cosmetic Dentistry

In addition, Dr. Kerbs offers all kinds of ways to brighten up one’s smile with cosmetic dentistry, from porcelain veneers and Invisalign to teeth whitening and dental implants.  In fact, about one-third of his patients come to him for cosmetic dentistry. “People want optimal beauty in their smiles, and we can give that to them with our wide selection of treatment options,” says Dr. Kerbs.  “To me, smile restoration is an art form.  We design smiles that naturally fit the shape and dimension of your face.”  Dr. Kerbs has achieved Accreditation status with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, AACD.

Continuing Education

Dr. Kerbs is constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to treat his patients.  That’s why he takes over 100 hours of continuing education classes annually.  “My eyes are open continuously,” he says.  “Dentistry is constantly evolving and staying current with continuing education allows me to incorporate the latest and best advances dentistry has to offer.”

Jeffry Kerbs DDSDr. Kerbs’ dentistry practice encompasses a wide range of services so that he can be sure to meet each patient’s needs.  He also states that his team is one of the foremost reasons he has been able to achieve what he has over the years.  Renee Kerbs, Office Manager and Dental Hygienist; Jenae Ciuffreda, Patient Care Coordinator and Dental Hygienist; Sara Bender, Patient Care Coordinator and Dental Assistant; Erin Gibli and Fiorella Mendez, Dental Assistants, make up the rest of the team at Dr. Kerbs’ dental practice.  “I have a wonderful team,” he insists. “I couldn’t do what I do without them.”

Location: 240 S. Hickory St., Ste. 207, Escondido.  For more information, call 760-746-3663 or visit

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