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Top 4 Reasons Facebook Live

Is a Must for Your Business

With the latest Facebook changes announced last January, I had to drastically modify the strategy I use on my clients’ Facebook business pages. It is clear now what Facebook will favor: Live Streaming.

        Live Streaming is any kind of live broadcast, transmitted over the Internet. In itself, live streaming is not new; but the "smart heads" at Facebook discovered that viewers have a passive engagement with pre-recorded videos. However, Live videos create real engagement.

        Facebook Live is a must for businesses for several reasons; here are my top four

  1. People prefer Live videos: Video is the favorite choice of media for anyone online, and people are engaging more with Live videos than any other type.
  2. Facebook prefers Live video: Facebook not only notifies people that you’re “live”, but it also gives a huge, free reach boost to Live videos.
  3. Live videos increase traffic: Facebook Live is a powerful source of traffic for your Page.  While viewers are watching your live stream, they can also share it with their friends.
  4. Live videos are cost and time effective: Facebook Live is inexpensive to produce and takes less time than costly productions that involve shooting and editing video footage. Need I say more?

        Live video is what’s driving engagement now and if you know how to promote your content well, it could keep users coming back to your page, on a never-ending cycle of engagement.

Marketing consultant Simone Talarico-Ross helps business owners with their marketing strategy on social media and with implementing loyalty programs. Call 951-805-0973 for a free 10-minute consultation or find her on Facebook.


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