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Letter from Publisher

Recently, I had the great fortune to catch an uber ride with the most upbeat woman. The driver, originally from Mexico, was full of energy as she regaled me with stories about her three older children and how she was getting her high school diploma, a divorce, and working toward making a better life for herself. I referred her to our well-known local divorce coach, Laura McGee. We were in thick traffic, which allowed us more time to connect and invigorate change. I am proud to see women from all parts of the world step up to the plate and seek out ways to create happier, more fulfilling lives for themselves. A simple conversation like that and “tah dah” empowerment prevailed.

Women’s groups are growing and prospering. I’ve always felt that support groups are a vital part of each person’s growth. The older we get, and the more complicated our world and relationships become, the more we need support groups. I am emphasizing women’s support groups for the sheer reason that our editorial theme this month focuses on women rising and the power of women’s support groups.

Personally, I thought the movie Hidden Figures should have been the movie that took the Oscar. I believe we are unburying more and more women leaders and the talents they bestow on us. So many women pioneers of different colors and races have gone unnoticed. My favorite part of the film was the depiction of the women’s relationships with each other. They did everything together—not just at work—but in all aspects of their lives from carpooling to work to dancing at night.

Women have an innate ability to support one another. We help each other persevere hardships and encourage one another to embrace happiness and success.

I got to watch Dr. Diana Hoppe sky dive out of a plane last Thursday. I stood on the ground as a spectator along with Dr. Hoppe’s long-time assistant Cynthia to help celebrate this amazing accomplishment. Our gathering together was another prime example of an impromptu support group of women supporting women.

I encourage you to find a group of women that will take you to places you didn’t know you could go. The ladies in Hidden Figures did it…and there are ladies right here in San Diego who can make you feel like you too landed on the moon and they will dance and howl, too.



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